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STEAM City project moves on to a new stadium, the Smart Parking

by IT on 18-08-2022
IT News June July

Traffic management is one of the quality-of-life measures in cities and technology today allows us to rethink existing models. The team led by Susana Sargento, from the Instituto de Telecomunicações, at the pole of Aveiro, has been working on a mobility project in partnership with the Aveiro City Municipality since 2017.

Smart Parking project in the city center is one of the focuses of a broad approach to mobility, from the promotion of safer driving to the detection and prevention of accidents.

According to the researcher, the project results in the need to “have an infrastructure that would allow us to test everything out there, in the city, but not just for that, not just for us, but also for those who come from outside, other units, research companies that may have a place to test the services and solutions."

Starting in 2010, the project reaches a new stage. It started with the Aveiro Open Lab, which aims to monitor the mobility of the city of Aveiro in-situ. As of 2017, within the scope of the application to the Urban Innovation Actions competition, the project advances with a very strong technological part, and with the education area, with the integration of companies and training, including STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) for the city.

Sargento explains: “We have the four technologies that exist right now that make sense – we have communication with vehicles (V2X) and cellular (4G and 5G), Wi-Fi and 5G for communication with people, and long-range communication LoRa for communicating with the sensors.”

The project covers three fundamental areas: Environment, Energy, and Mobility. 


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