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on 01-01-2023

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IT at Noite Europeia de Investigadores with ScientISST – Hacking Biosignals

on 29-09-2023

... On the night of September 29, 2023, we will be at NEI – Noite Europeia de Investigadores with ScientISST – Hacking Biosignals.

The acquisition, transformation, and interpretation of biosignals leverage several areas of knowledge, from electronics to digital signal processing and artificial intelligence, addressing questions of usability, comfort, and safety. With applications in diverse areas, such as health and well-being, fitness, and even security, a deep understanding and adequate use of biosignals is of extreme importance.

This activity aims to give you an overview of the “power” of biosignals and the incredible projects that the ScientISST hub at IT has been doing in this area, from heart sensors and smart socks to detecting pathologies and identifying emotions.

Come see them and get inspired on September 29th, at the East Gallery Corridor MUHNAC, in Lisbon!

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