Creating and sharing knowledge for telecommunications

Start-ups and Spin-offs

it has been the cradle of some bold technological and scientific ideas that have nurtured for years in the research Groups and have grown to become the basis of independent business. Recent examples are briefly presented.


... Veniam'Works ( is building the Internet of Moving Things. Already today, the company turns vehicles into WiFi hotspots and builds city-scale vehicular networks that expand wireless coverage and collect terabytes of urban data. In controlled spaces with many vehicles and moving machines, such as ports and container terminals, Veniam's game-changing solutions ensure that all mobile workers and assets are securely connected, no matter where they are or at what speed they are moving. After winning the 400,000 EUR grand prize of the MIT Portugal Building Global Innovators venture competition among 132 startups from 14 different countries, Veniam closed several contracts, gained the investment of leading VCs in the United States and established a presence in Silicon Valley.


... Streambolico ( commercializes a unique solution that allows network operators to stream video to 10x more mobile users from a single wireless hotspot. Streambolico's products have been implemented both for Apple and Android smart phones and tablets and greatly improve the user experience in environments where thousands of users want to access video content simultaneously, The company won the BES National Innovation Grand Prize and closed a venture round that allowed it to develop an ideal software solution for crowded spaces such as stadiums, shopping malls or classrooms.


... Watgrid ( proposes a unique platform that uses advanced fiber optic multiparameter sensors for inline flow and water quality assessment in real time operation. This allows water distribution companies to monitor remotely the flow and water quality, obtaining a complete real time map of the water grid. The long-standing expertise in optical sensors, water quality assessment and big data analysis was brought to address one of the key challenges for mankind, especially in highly urbanized areas: an increasing scarcity of water. The company operation is based on a international filed patent licensed from it. The Innovation and business of Watgrid has already been recognized internationally, being the winner of the Smart Cities track in a venture competition co-promoted by the MIT in 2013 and the winner of a start-up contest co-promoted by 33entrepreneurs (France) in 2014.


... Vitalidi ( was established in 2014, as a result of the “Android Biometrics Platform” project, funded by an IT grant in 2011. The company introduces a new paradigm for biometrics based on Electrocardio-graphy (ECG), using data collected in an “off-the-person” approach for identity recognition in multibiometrics or standalone scenarios. ECG signals can greatly complement more established modalities, as they enable intrinsic aliveness detection and don’t rely on external physical landmarks. Their potential impact extends to the entertainment industry, automotive, digital transactions, among others. Vitalidi currently has customers such as JCDecaux, and has been recognized as Top 10 Young Innovators of the year at the EC EYIF, #1 (out of 6500) at the Acredita Portugal competition, and Best Startup at IE Bus. School/Beta i Venture Day Lisbon.


... BITalino ( provides a low-cost, purpose-built, all-in-one hardware and software toolkit designed for quick and easy creation of quirky projects with body signals, development of quantified-self wearable devices or apps, and/or learning how to build medical devices. Launched in 2013, it already has a user base of 1200+ people worldwide, was one of only 10 semi-finalists worldwide at Engadget’s Expand NY, selected by The New Zealand Herald a Tech Universe favorite, and the first Portuguese creation to ever be featured in the catalogues of world-renowned SparkFun Electronics and Maker Shed. In 2014 the team has successfully secured an agreement for technology transfer to an industrial partner.


... PLUX ( was established in 2007, PLUX develops medical devices and software for biosignal processing, targeting physiotherapy and biomedical research. With a customer base of 2000+ users worldwide, scattered across more than 40 countries, we have reference customers such as Boeing, Intel, Samsung, MIT, Stanford University and many others. PLUX is a company with profitable operations running since 2007; annual revenues currently exceed €1M. The company’s activity has been widely recognized, examples including the Life Sciences award in a venture competition co-promoted by the MIT in 2010, one of the top 20 European entrepreneurs in IVC’s Health Tech Summit in 2014, and others.


... Is4health ( was established in 2014 and licences a variety of IT technologies associated with digital auscultation, namely for teaching, telemedicine and assisted diagnosis purposes. Highly focused on usability and user acceptance, their technology has already been used to support a cardiology b-learning course offered by the University of Porto to 100 students, to screen cardiac pathologies in 1000 children and pregnant women in northeast Brazil, and has successfully transmitted real pediatric auscultations between the state of Paraíba, Brazil and both hospitals in Pernambuco, Brazil and Porto, Portugal.


... Wavecom ( was born in 2000 as a wireless systems integrator. It started with the initiative of 4 engineers, who had worked together in the RF and MW laboratory of it in Aveiro. it was a definitive dynamo of Wavecom’s birth and initiative by providing

  • The innovation and R&D culture which is the DNA of our company;
  • Scientific knowledge on telecommunications namely Electronics, Radio Propagation, Protocols, Systems;
  • Practice on RF and Microwave systems design and test
Right from the start Wavecom was organized in two areas: Wireless Networks and I&D (Integration & Development). It has evolved since then to Wireless Networks, Unified Networks and R&D. It has now 35 people, generating 3.5M€ a year, and has created other companies accounting for over 50 collaborators.