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A Study on the Radial Velocity Information obtained from SAR Subapertures

Radius, R. A. ; Marques, P. M.

A Study on the Radial Velocity Information obtained from SAR Subapertures, Proc European Conf. on Synthetic Aperture Radar, Nuremberg, Germany, Vol. TBD, pp. TBD - TBD, April, 2012.

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Although in the last years many techniques for moving target indication (MTI) were developed for multi-channel SAR systems, there are only a very small number of platforms with multi-channel capabilities. Furthermore, for civil applications only single channel data is typically made available.
It is well known that the velocity estimation with a single channel is a challenging problem having several limitations. To take the most out of this kind of data it is necessary to use all of its informative content.
This paper investigates the information that can be retrieved from symmetrical sub-apertures to estimate the ra-dial velocity and to analyze the effects that the target motion has on the SAR Impulse Response Function (IRF) in phase and amplitude. It is shown that the radial motion does not generate relevant phase and amplitude difference in the sub-apertures; the only informative content is contained in the spatial shift of the peak of IRF.