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Project: Multi-service cellular planning for mobile communications

Main Objective:
The project focus is cellular planning for multi-service mobile
communications systems (3G, 3.5G and 4G) in the aspects of characterisation and classification of services and applications, resource re-use, teletraffic, cost/revenues and signal processing.
Research is focused on i) Classification of new mobile and wireless services and applications, ii) Characterisation of applications through the identification of relevant parameters and the evaluation of their range of variation, iii) Identification of deployment scenarios, and realisation of
forecasting studies for Internet and Multimedia traffic, iv) developing models for the impact of mobility in multi-service time-based and non-time based (real and non real-time) traffic, in the aspects of blocking and delay and v) cost/revenue optimisation. Original contributions will be pursued on developing and characterising these new applications and on the tele-traffic performance of advanced wireless and mobile networks (e.g., using models as
the Markov-modulated Poisson Process/Bernoulli-Poisson-Pascal one or the ones for self-similar traffic).
Cellular planning optimisation will be addressed through the inclusion of traffic aspects in a cost/revenue model and also into a cellular Mobile Broadband System planning tool develloped within our group.
Reference: POSI/CPS/45726/2002
Funding: FCT/POSI
Start Date: 01-12-2003
End Date: 30-11-2005
Team: Fernando Jose da Silva Velez, Tiago Lages, Orlando Manuel Brito Cabral, Cátia Franco, Ricardo Rei, Cátia Franco, Rui Filipe Rosa Paulo
Groups: Radio Systems – Lx
Partners: IT-Laboratório da Covilhã
Local Coordinator: Fernando Jose da Silva Velez

Associated Publications