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Project: Quality of Experience in Video Streaming

Acronym: QoEViS
Main Objective:
Two main general objectives will be pursued in this research project:
- Studying the perceptual influence of several factors on QoE,
- Definition of a QoE evaluation model for video applications.

For that we will propose solutions for the following challenges:
- To study the influence in the QoE of the different factors related with video and streaming.
o Subjective test, and hence MOS values and other statistic properties will be used to evaluate the video quality when subjected to different impairments.
o Using the detection of points of interest to study the local influence of perturbation on QoE assessment.
- With the MOS assessment and the visual attention results, different factors that have influence in the QoE evaluation will be identified.
- The influence of the different factors will be quantified using appropriate features in a multidimensional space. Appropriate decision methods, based on representative examples will be used to evaluate QoE.
- To study and develop QoE models for QoE evaluation of video applications that can present a better correlation than the existing in the literature (which in the current state do not present acceptable correlation to be used in real scenarios).

In this context, this project aims to provide a valuable research for QoE modelling on Video applications.
Reference: P01274
Funding: IT/LA
Start Date: 01-07-2014
End Date: 01-08-2016
Team: Maria Manuela Areias da Costa Pereira de Sousa, Mário Marques Freire, Pedro Ricardo Morais Inácio, António Pinho, Fernando Jose Pimentel Lopes
Groups: Multimedia Signal Processing – Cv
Local Coordinator: Maria Manuela Areias da Costa Pereira de Sousa

Associated Publications