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Project: Multimedia Services and Applications in Hospital, University and Urban Environments

Acronym: SAMURAI
Main Objective:
Besides the Wireless LAN deployment in University (Virtual University Campus) and Hospital (tele-medicine) scenarios, one will contribute with service classification and characterisation, source traffic validation via real data and inclusion of human and ergonomic aspects in mobile and wireless systems planning process.
Funding: FEDER, PRAI
Start Date: 01-12-2002
End Date: 30-11-2004
Team: Fernando Jose da Silva Velez, Anna Guerman, Manuel Veríssimo, Manuel Dinis, Alexandre Miranda, João Gomes, Simão Pedro, Montserra Fonseca, Rui Costa, Sérgio Lebres, Humberto Santos, Denis Coelho, Tiago Lages
Groups: Radio Systems – Lx
Partners: University of Beira interior, PT Inovação, Centro Hospitalar da Cova da Beira
Local Coordinator: Fernando Jose da Silva Velez
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