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Plataforma de Simulação de Alguns Dispositivos de Micro-ondas

Supervisors: Susana de Jesus Mota, Armando Carlos Domingues da Rocha
University: Universidade de Aveiro
Keywords: Couplers, transmission lines, Wilkinson power divider, quadrature hybrid, ratrace hybrid, frequency response analysis, time domain analysis. abstract The development of 5G and the planned exploration of MEO and LEO satellite platforms in this context and with IoT applications require knowledge of microwave electronics. Some devices are used in the design of RF systems and even in antenna arrays. The analysis of devices involving transmission lines uses transversal concepts that refer to circuit analysis and transmission line theory. Commercial simulators are usually used to design and optimize these devices, however, the interpretation of physical phenomena is often lost and, therefore, flexibility in finding solutions to the problems that sometimes arise. Devices involving transmission lines are the main target of this work namely: two-way Wilkinson power divider, the quadrature hybrid and the rat race hybrid. Some methods to obtain the frequency response of these devices are insufficient for the intended objectives. These methods are limited to situations in which the ports of devices are matched and the transmission lines have a well-determined characteristic impedance. The objective is the development of flexible solutions to analyze the devices in an interactive platform that allows obtaining the frequency response and animation in the time domain for an arbitrary frequency. The platform should allow the simulation of devices for arbitrary loads and input ports. The platform will also serve as support material for subjects related to the teaching of transmission lines and RF electronics in general.
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