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Context-aware Selection in Multicast Environments

Coutinho, N. ; Valbom, R. Valbom ; Sargento, S.

Context-aware Selection in Multicast Environments, Proc IEEE Symp. on Computers and Communications (ISCC), Riccione, Italy, Vol. , pp. 646 - 652, June, 2010.

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Personalization and group communications have always been conflicting approaches. From one side, the user wants to get the services with their specific characteristics. From the other side, group communications imply the support of the same service, with the same characteristics, by a group of users. To simultaneously enable personalization and profit from the resources improvements provided by group-based communications, these groups need to be defined based on the users requirements, services and network information, which we denote as “context”. Based on this context for group definition, it is possible to adapt the content to the groups of users or even re-group them according to common features. This paper addresses the network part of the problem: based on the context information, we define an intelligent network selection, both for the access and core, respectively to efficiently choose the attachment points and the multicast trees for groups of users. This selection approach will improve the efficiency of the architecture in delivering the multiparty services. The simulation results of the proposed approach show that performing a wise network selection based on context increases overall network efficiency while still providing a personalized multiparty content delivery.