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Network Influence Effects in Agent-Based Modelling of Civil Violence

Lemos, C.L. ; Coelho, H. ; Lopes, R.J.

Network Influence Effects in Agent-Based Modelling of Civil Violence, Proc European Social Simulation Association Conference of the European Social Simulation Association ESSA, Groningen, Netherlands, Vol. 1, pp. - , September, 2015.

Digital Object Identifier: 10.1007/978-3-319-47253-9

In this paper we describe an Agent-Based model of civil violence with network influence eff ects. We considered two diff erent networks, `family' and `news', as a simplifi ed representation of multiplecontext influences, to study their individual and joint impact on the size and timing of violence bursts, the perceived legitimacy, and the system's long term behaviour. It was found that network in uflences do not change either the system's long term behaviour or the periodicity of the rebellion peaks, but increase the size of violence bursts, particularly for the case of strong `news impact'. For certain combinations of network influences, initial legitimacy, and legitimacy feedback formulation, the solutions showed a very complicated behaviour with unpredictable alternations between long periods of calm and turmoil.