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Service and Flow management

Marinheiro, R.

Service and Flow management, Proc IBA / IEEE International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies ICICT, Karachi, Pakistan, Vol. 0, pp. 0 - 0, December, 2015.

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The exponential growth of the number of multihomed mobile devices, with increasing data traffic demands, is shifting the way how we connect to the Internet. Unfortunately, it is not yet easily possible for a multihomed device to be simultaneously connected to the network through multiple links. This talk describes how to enhance network access to support multihomed devices. This enhancement is achieved by using simultaneously all mobile devices’ interfaces, and by individually routing each data flow through the most adequate technology. The discussed solution is mainly deployed at the network core and it does not depend on mobile devices, i.e., it’s transparent to the mobile devices. The necessary tools to reuse the already deployed technologies like WiFi or 3G/LTE are also given, and the integration with IEEE 802.21 standard to improve the handover mechanisms in the network is explained. Moreover, it also shows the extension of the network by using femtocells which support multi access technologies, and an integration with a broker that can manage all the data flows individually is also discussed. The approach has been proved to improve the quality of service for users while not overloading the operator infrastructure. Results, obtained from the prototypes, evidence that the overhead for using this strategy is very small when compared to the advantages.