Creating and sharing knowledge for telecommunications

Thematic line coordinators:

Rui Luis Andrade Aguiar


The weaving of ICT into new and different societal sectors has created vastly different and stringent demands over the networking and telecommunications fabric, leading to the development of a edge-core continuum interwoven by dynamic connecting infrastructure. The research activities in this area cover studies on the structure and dynamics of complex networks, across a diversity of technical domains, from wireless sensor networks to vehicular networks, machine-to-machine communications, mobile sensing, cooperating agents, data center and multimedia communications. End domain applications, such as industry 4.0, smart cities, and connected mobility, and application level protocols, such as live streaming or data aggregation, are also addressed in this research area. Intelligent management and control techniques, including programmable networks and systems, artificial intelligence and expert systems, are extensively researched in this domain.


Architectures and Protocols
Network Applications and Services
Network Operations, Management and Planning
Traffic Engineering

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