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Zita Marinho

on 11-11-2020

... I recently joined DeepMind as a Research Scientist, to study richer forms of representation that can guide planning and prediction of learning agents into more informed goals. (see more)

I started my research path at IST as Physics Engineering undergrad. Later I enrolled into a dual CMU/Portugal PhD program in Robotics/Machine learning. During this period I studied how spectral methods impacted prediction and planning algorithms. I was affiliated with both the IT and the Institute for Systems and Robotics (ISR) at IST together with the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. I had the pleasure to be co-advised by André Martins also from IT, and Geoffrey Gordon and Siddartha Srinivasa from CMU.

After finishing my PhD, I joined Sacoor Brothers as a Data Scientist and later joined Priberam Labs as a Leading Research Scientist, where I was able to participate in different research projects in the area of Natural Language Processing, some of which were connected with IT such as the GoLocal project.
As a student, I participated several times as a mentor and later co-organised, the Lisbon Machine Learning Summer School in close connection with IT.

Currently, I am part of the Reinforcement Learning team at DeepMind and I am affiliated with ISR as an invited researcher. I am currently focused on studying questions related with rich representations for planning and how these can impact useful and informative forms of exploration.

I hope to leave my home in the near future and to continue on building good research collaborations with IT.