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Logo Generation Through Artificial Intelligence

Angela Filipa Oliveira Duarte
Supervisors: Bruno Miguel Correia da Silva
University: Universidade Europeia, IADE
Keywords: Artificial intelligence; Design; Brands; Logos. abstract In recent years, much has been said about the possibility of artificial intelligence becoming an ally of the designer, as well as the possibility that in the future it will replace the designer in brand design. This study purposes to analyze and understand what impacts the advances in technology and more precisely artificial intelligence can contribute to the development of brand design. It was made a literature review (in AI and design), analysis of previous studies and interviews, in order to create a conceptual proposal for a logo creation model through artificial intelligence. It was concluded that although it appears that artificial intelligence could be close to creating logos, in reality is still far from that goal. Despite this, the study of artificial intelligence in design can even help designers, with new tools that will allow them to work better, especially in terms of formalizing ideas and research and solidifying the discipline theoretically.
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