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Participation in Projects

Running Projects:

Acronym Name Funding Agency Start date Duration
AQuIP Architectures for Quantum Information Processing La Caixa Foundation 01-10-2020 3 year(s)
AstroneuroCircuit Bioelectronic devices to measure astrocyte-neuron communication FCT 01-02-2023 2 year(s)
BioPlus Development of diamond-optical fiber biosensors for detection of IgE IT 01-06-2020 4 year(s)
ConChiMol New Structurally Contorted and Chiral Molecules for Optoeletronic Applications FCT 01-03-2023 3 year(s)
DiaPRO CVD Diamond films with improved PROperties AFRL 15-10-2022 2 year(s)
GENERALISE Generative AI for Analog Chip Design Sony Advanced Visual Sensing AG (Switzerland) 01-05-2023 2 year(s)
inWheel-IPT inWheel Inductive Power Charging for Sustainable Mobility FCT 01-02-2023 2 year(s)
ManagiDiTH : Master of Managing Digital Transformation in the Health Sector EUROPEAN HEALTH AND DIGITAL EXECUTIVE AGENCY (HADEA) 01-01-2023 4 year(s)
MODAS Monitorização dos Oceanos com Sensores Acústicos Distribuídos FCT 01-03-2023 3 year(s)
NEWFOCUS European network on future generation optical wireless communication technologies ESF/COST 08-09-2020 4 year(s)
OWIN6G Optical and wireless sensors networks for 6G scenarios (OWIN6G) EU/Horizon Europe 01-09-2023 4 year(s)
PROMISE PROgrammable MIxed Signal Electronics EU/H2020 01-01-2020 6 year(s)
QuNetMed Quantum Algorithms for Network Medicine FCT 01-01-2023 2 year(s)
RESORB On-Demand Bioresorbable OptoElectronic System for In-Vivo and In-Situ Monitoring of Chemotherapeutic Drugs (RESORB) EU 01-04-2022 3 year(s)
RIF Robô para Inspeção de Fornos de UGH Petrobras 01-01-2023 3 year(s)
SmartGlauco Smart Drug Delivery Device for Glaucoma Treatment FCT 01-03-2021 3 year(s)

Closed projects:

Acronym Name Funding Agency Start date Duration
ADCPN Influence of Phase Noise and Jitter in the testing of telecommunication ADCs. IT/LA 01-07-2005 3 year(s)
AENEAS Advanced European Network of E-infrastructures for Astronomy with the SKA EU/H2020 01-01-2017 3 year(s)
AIDA AIDA – Automated P-Cell Generation based on Multi-Objective Optimization and Pareto Optimal Front Circuit Level Characterization IT/LA 01-10-2011 3 year(s)
AIDA-C AIDA-C: Analog IC Optimizer Thales Alenia Space 01-10-2013 9 year(s)
AISMAD AISMAD – Advanced Integrated Switched-Mode Audio Drivers IT/LA 01-07-2011 3 year(s)
AQA Global Monitoring Based on Smart Sensors for Environment Quality FCT/PNAT 01-03-2001 4 year(s)
AQA/Sado Water Quality Assessment in Sado Estuary IPS 01-01-2010 3 year(s)
ARCOCELL Specially Designed Materials and Architectures for Organic Photovoltaic Cells FCT/PTDC 01-01-2008 3 year(s)
Artificial Leaves Artificial Leaves FCT 01-05-2014 1 year(s)
AZOMAGCON Transition metal complexes based on new thio-azo ligands for heterobimetallic networks and molecular conductors FCT/PTDC 01-10-2007 3 year(s)
BE_NT_REG Electronic Ballasts: a new dimming technology FCT/PTDC 01-09-2007 4 year(s)
BIOFET Field Effect Transistor Array for Monitoring Electrical Activity From Single Cells in Culture FCT/POCTI 01-01-2001 4 year(s)
BioMaterARISES Biomaterials for the assemblage of regenerative-inspired scaffolds for the electrical stimulation of spinal cord FCT 01-12-2021 2 year(s)
Bistable The metal oxide organic diode as a generic microelectronic device for light emitting diodes and non-volatile memories (Bistable) Dutch Polymer Institute 01-07-2010 3 year(s)
BlackHolePT Black holes, holography and phase transitions FCT 07-09-2020 3 year(s)
BPMeas Objective Measurement of Systemic Arterial Blood Pressure in Humans IEEE, TC-25 01-05-2009 4 year(s)
CAR Vehicular Electronics IT/LA 01-02-2005 3 year(s)
CHARF Non-invasive RF 4D Thorax Hemodynamic Characterization FCT/PTDC 01-07-2016 4 year(s)
ChemMat Programa Doutoral da FCT ChemMat: Materials Chemistry - Chemistry of nanostructured materials with optic, electric and magnetic functionalities FCT 01-01-2015 6 year(s)
CLASSE Detection, Classification and Estimation of Defects in Metallic Plates Subject to Manual Inspection IT/LA 01-12-2008 2 year(s)
COMPUTR COMPUTR : Calcul en temps continu sur les réels INRIA 01-01-2010 1 year(s)
Conducting polymers Photovoltaic cells based on conducting polymers and anthocyanins FCT/POCI 01-07-2005 3 year(s)
Conjugated polymers and copolymers End-capped conjugated polymers and copolymers for device applications FCT/POCI 01-07-2005 3 year(s)
CRACK Flaw Imaging in Metals by Contactless Conductivity FCT/PTDC 01-10-2007 4 year(s)
CV-GA Dolphins and Water Life Science Programm 01-01-2005 2 year(s)
DeDuCe Distributed Data Centric Concurrency Control EU/H2020 01-01-2018 3 year(s)
Dendrí­meros Just in Time Dendrimers FCT/PTDC 01-01-2010 3 year(s)
DICSAP/WCA Design, Implementation and Characterization of Stand-Alone Prototypes for Water Conductivity Assessment IT/LA 01-05-2005 4 year(s)
DISRUPTIVE DISRUPTIVE - A Paradigm Shift in the Design of Analog and Mixed-Signal Nanoelectronic Circuits and Systems FCT 01-04-2013 4 year(s)
DITSA Developing an interactive tool for sports analysts IT/LA 01-06-2013 1 year(s)
DOLPHIN Development of Pre-operational Services for Highly Innovative Maritime Surveillance Capabilities EU/FP7 01-09-2011 4 year(s)
DOPPLER Development of PALOP Knowledge in Radio Astronomy FCT, Aga Khan Development Network 28-08-2018 2 year(s)
DP-PMI Doctoral Programme in the Physics and Mathematics of Information: Foundations of Future Information Technologies (DP-PMI) FCT 01-01-2014 8 year(s)
DRIFT Datacenter Resilience Increase through Fault Tolerance in UPS systems FCT/COMPETE/FEDER 26-07-2018 3 year(s)
EECCO Energy EffiCient Current-mode techniques for free-space Optical front-end receivers FCT/PTDC 01-06-2008 3 year(s)
EHR-Physio Electronic Health Records: Needs, Requirements, and Barriers of Adoption in Physiotherapy FCT/PTDC 01-05-2013 3 year(s)
EHR-Wheel Electronic Health Records for Wheelchairs Users FCT, RIPD 01-05-2010 3 year(s)
Elven Elven - Expressive Logics for VErifying the Net EU/H2020 01-07-2016 3 year(s)
EMLAYERING ElectroMagnetic LAYER-wise testING for powder bed fusion metal additive manufacturing FCT 01-01-2022 2 year(s)
ENGAGE SKA ENAbling Green E-science for SKA - Capacitation and Sustainability of Portuguese participation in the SKA with radioastronomy as an Innovation Open Living Lab FCT/POCI, P2020 01-05-2017 3 year(s)
ERSATRITCOM Efficient and Reliable Stand Alone Hybrid Trigeneration Systems for Telecommunications FCT/PTDC 01-04-2011 2 year(s)
ESPECTRO Spectrum Monitorization and Control. Integration of Infrastructures ICP-ANACOM 01-02-2002 9 year(s)
EUPAS EUropean Project for ADC-based devices Standardization IT/LA 01-01-1998 11 year(s)
EvalTubes Remaining Life Evaluation of Catalytic Furnace Tubes FCT 01-05-2014 2 year(s)
EVOLUTION Exploring Evolutionary Computation to Enhance Analog IC Design Automation Methodologies FCT/POSC 01-08-2005 2 year(s)
EyeInTheSky Utilização de Balões de Alta-Altitude para Apoio à Decisão em Operações de Combate a Incêndios Rurais FCT 01-01-2020 3 year(s)
Fault Diagnosis DSP-Based Winding Fault Diagnosis in Operating Three-Phase Power Transformers FCT/POSI 12-03-2002 4 year(s)
FaulTHEV Fault Tolerant Electric Motor Drives Applied to Hybrid Electric Vehicle FCT/PTDC 01-04-2010 3 year(s)
FlexNet Network of excellence for building up Knowledge for better System Integration for Flexible Organic and Large Area Electronics (FOLAE) and its exploitation. EC/FP7 01-01-2009 4 year(s)
Gels Gels with innovative optical, magnetic and electrochemical properties FCT/POSI 01-01-2001 4 year(s)
GEM Galactic Emission Mapping FCT/POCI 01-01-2005 3 year(s)
GEM - 2 Polarimetry Instrumentation for a Galactic Survey at 2.3-10GHz FCT/PTDC 01-07-2007 4 year(s)
GeTFun GeTFun - Generalizing Truth-Functionality EC/FP7 01-01-2013 4 year(s)
GOA Listening Dolphins and Measuring the Water Quality where they Live Ciência Viva 01-04-2006 3 year(s)
GreenSOL Materials for green processing and their integration in low cost organic photovoltaic cells 01-04-2016 2 year(s)
HAICAS Hierarchical Analog IC Automatic Synthesis IT 01-05-2020 2 year(s)
HEAD HEAD – Integrated Class D Audio Amplifier with High Efficiency IT/LA 01-11-2008 2 year(s)
HEPQC Quantum Computation in High Energy Physics FCT 01-09-2020 2 year(s)
Hi-Fixx2 Hi-Fixx2 Infineon Technologies 01-01-2005 1 year(s)
HomeTelecare HomeTelecare PT Inovação 01-03-2010 1 year(s)
HORA Disseminação horária IPQ 11-08-2004 1 year(s)
HYPOVEG Experimental Characterization of Instream-Hyporheic Fluxes in Vegetated Channels and Wetlands 01-03-2012 3 year(s)
I2ACAS In-service Inspection for Advanced Composite Aerospace Structures FCT/COMPETE/FEDER 01-10-2018 4 year(s)
ICS Intelligent Cell Surfaces (ICS) FCT 01-06-2011 4 year(s)
IDS/EM Instrumentation Distributed System for Environmental Monitoring Instituto Politécnico de Setúbal 01-09-2002 3 year(s)
IMPANA Development and implementation of an impedance analyzer based on analog to digital conversion and powerful signal processing algorithms FCT/PTDC 01-09-2007 4 year(s)
IMPCLOCK Implementation of feedback-based clock distribution systems FCT/POCTI 01-07-2004 2 year(s)
InADC InADC-In depth analysis of analog to digital converter methods FCT/PTDC 01-09-2007 4 year(s)
INSPECT INSPECT - Integrated Nano Sensor Probes and Electronics for Eddy Currents Testing FCT/PTDC 01-05-2013 3 year(s)
Intellab Inteligence in Laboratories Intellab 01-01-2010 3 year(s)
INTIMAS Interoperability in Enviromental and Marine Sensor Networks Ministério da Ciência e Inovação Espanhol 01-01-2009 3 year(s)
INTMARSIS Interoperability and implementation of autonomous marine platforms for seismic monitoring Ministério da Ciência e Inovação Espanhol 01-09-2014 3 year(s)
I-One Implantable Organic Nano-Electronics EC/FP4 01-09-2011 3 year(s)
IVFP Inspecting the variability of football players IT/LA 01-10-2013 1 year(s)
JISIS Diamond-based surface acoustic wave devices: a reverse fabrication design FCT/PTDC 01-04-2010 4 year(s)
KeMANDE Kernel Method Applied to Non Destructive Evaluation IT/LA 01-06-2011 3 year(s)
LANDAUER LANDAUER - Operating ICT basic switches below the Landauer limit EC/FP7 01-09-2012 3 year(s)
LAY(RF)^2 Ready-to-Fabricate RF and mmWave Integrated Circuit Layouts IT 01-02-2020 2 year(s)
LAYGEN Automatic Layout Generation of Mixed-Signal ICs IT/LA 01-04-2006 2 year(s)
LIQ-OPVs Towards very efficient organic photovoltaic cells through utilizing liquid crystal phases as electron-acceptors FCT/PTDC 01-05-2013 2 year(s)
LITES Led-based intelligent street lighting for energy saving EU/FP7 01-12-2009 3 year(s)
LOPIX LOPIX - Low Power Information Exchange QREN 01-08-2012 2 year(s)
LUSO Acção Luso Espanhola - Sismógrafos do Fundo Marinho. Optimização das Técnicas de Desenho dos Instrumentos de Medida: Aquisição, Registo e Tratamento de Dados CRUP
Luso-Espanhola Sismógrafos do Fundo Marinho. Optimização das Técnicas de Desenho dos Instrumentos de Medida: Aquisição, Registo e Tratamento de Dados CRUP 01-01-2007 2 year(s)
MATRIX Electric Drives Based on Matrix Converters FCT/PTDC 01-09-2007 4 year(s)
MCTBFT Measuring collective tactical behavior of football teams IT/LA 01-07-2013 1 year(s)
MemoCIS COST IC1401 Memristors - Devices, Models, Circuits, Systems and Applications (MemoCiS) ESF/COST 01-12-2014 5 year(s)
MoLC Modular Analysis of Logical Calculli FCT 01-11-2017 4 year(s)
MOLDELIV Drug Delivery Control at the Molecular Level FCT 01-05-2013 1 year(s)
MultilevelConv Fault Diagnosis in High Power Drives Based on Multilevel Converters FCT/PTDC 01-04-2010 3 year(s)
MYDDAS MYDDAS - MySQL/Yap Deductive Database System FCT 01-01-2006 3 year(s)
NAAF Network analysis applied on football IT/LA 01-04-2013 1 year(s)
NECTDiMe New error correction techniques for digital measurement instruments FCT/POCTI 01-02-2004 4 year(s)
NEURON NEURON-Electrically conductive platforms for neural stem cell culture and differentiation FCT 01-10-2018 3 year(s)
NHyMat SolarNHyMat - Nanostructured Hybrid Materials for Solar Cells FCT/PTDC 01-01-2010 4 year(s)
NMMADC New measurements methods in Analog to Digital Converters testing FCT/POCTI 01-10-2000 3 year(s)
NORIT Incidence of Norway lobster emergence activity rythms on its populations assessment Ministério da Educação e Ciencia Espanhol 01-12-2005 4 year(s)
Novae Panchromatic observations of novae - from explosion to the enrichment of the interstellar medium FCT 01-01-2017 5 year(s)
NOVO Non volatile polymer memories for flexible electronics FCT/PTDC 01-01-2012 4 year(s)
NQuN NQuN – The Nature of Quantum Networks John Templeton Foundation 01-01-2017 3 year(s)
OCAP Optimization of Circuit topologies for Active Power filters FCT/POCTI 01-11-2002 4 year(s)
OFETs Materials For Organic Electronics FCT/POCTI 01-02-2003 4 year(s)
OMeGA Optical Measurement of Guided Acoustic Waves in Solid Media IT/LA 01-05-2011 3 year(s)
Open-Pace Open platform for advanced computation in energy systems for research and industrial applications FEDER 01-07-2022 1 year(s)
OPERA OPERA - Layout-Aware Analog IC Design Automation IT/LA 01-03-2014 2 year(s)
ORAL Alocação Óptima de Recursos FCT/POCI 01-07-2005 4 year(s)
OSTRAQUAL OSTRAQUAL – Enhancing and Promoting the Oyster Aquaculture Quality in Sado and Mira Region FEDER/QREN, FCT 01-01-2018 2 year(s)
PAPETS PAPETS - Phonon-Assisted Processes for Energy Transfer and Sensing EC/FP7 01-09-2013 4 year(s)
PLASTIC Fully Patterned all Plastic Integrated Circuits IT/LA 01-07-2005 3 year(s)
PLEDs Energy transfer from electroluminescent polymers to phosphorescent dopants FCT/POCTI 01-07-2003 3 year(s)
POCAONTAS ITN - Innovative Training Network: Polymer-Carbon Nanotubes Active Systems for Photovoltaics EC/FP7 01-09-2014 3 year(s)
POLYCOM Plastic Optical Fibers with Embedded Active Polymers for Data Communications EU 01-05-2006 3 year(s)
PowerCond Fault-Tolerant Multilevel Converters in Power Conditioning and Supply Reliability Applications FCT 01-04-2017 1 year(s)
Powerquality Fast and accurate power quality measurements using analog to digital converters and digital signal processing techniques FCT/POSC 01-03-2007 2 year(s)
PQ Power Quality IT/LA 01-06-2004 2 year(s)
PQM/ADC/DSP Power quality measurements using analog to digital converters and digital signal processing techniques IT/LA 01-09-2005 3 year(s)
PQW The Physics of Quantum Walks FCT, Slovak Academy of Sciences bilateral project 01-07-2011 3 year(s)
PREMAID Design of Railway Power Trains for Better Reliability and Easier Maintenance - Predictive Maintenance EU,TOK-IAP 01-02-2006 3 year(s)
Prep_SKA A Preparatory Phase proposal for the Square Kilometer Array EU/FP7 01-03-2008 5 year(s)
PRICE Privacy, Reliability and Integrity in Cloud Environments PT Inovação 01-03-2012 2 year(s)
ProQuNet ProQuNet - Probing Quantum Networks with Quantum Walks FCT, Slovak Academy of Sciences bilateral project 01-01-2016 2 year(s)
QEntHEP Quantum Entanglement in High Energy Physics FCT 01-01-2022 2 year(s)
QIA QIA – Quantum Internet Alliance EU/H2020 01-10-2018 3 year(s)
QMiCS QMiCS – Quantum Microwave Communication and Sensing EU/H2020 01-10-2018 3 year(s)
QuanLog Logic in Quantum Computation and Information FCT/POCI 01-01-2005 3 year(s)
QuantHEP Quantum Computing Solutions for High-Energy Physics EU/H2020, FCT 01-01-2020 3 year(s)
QuantSat-PT QuantSat-PT -- Portuguese Quantum Communications Cube-Satellite: Development of the Quantum Payload and Preliminary Design of the Space Segment FCT 01-12-2020 2 year(s)
QuantumLandauer QuantumLandauer – Beating Landauer’s Limit in the Quantum Regime EC/FP7 01-03-2014 2 year(s)
QuNet QuNet - Quantum Telecommunication Networks IT 01-11-2016 2 year(s)
QuSim QuSim – Integrated Photonics Quantum Simulations IT/LA 01-07-2014 2 year(s)
QUTE-EUROPE QUTE-EUROPE – Quantum Technologies for Europe EC/FP7 01-09-2014 2 year(s)
RADESOL RADESOL-Design racional de misturas para células solares poliméricas FCT (M-ERA.NET) 01-01-2014 3 year(s)
RECODIS Resilient communication services protecting end-user applications from disaster-based failures ESF/COST 01-03-2016 4 year(s)
RELIM Reliable Methods to Inspect CFP Composites 01-07-2016 2 year(s)
ResNeD Resilient Network Design - enhancing availability for critical services FCT 22-06-2018 4 year(s)
RTMGear RealTime Monitoring Power Reduction Gearbox 01-09-2014 2 year(s)
SATRAP Rational design of Self-Assembling networks for TRansparent electrode APplications FCT/POCI 01-10-2018 4 year(s)
SCALES SCALES - Simulation Tool for Pipeline ADCs Thales Alenia Space 01-04-2011 4 year(s)
SearchCol SearchCol: Meta-heuristic Search by Column generation FCT/PTDC 01-04-2010 4 year(s)
SIEF Sistema Integrado da Fiabilidade de Equipamento Ferroviário de Transporte QREN 01-04-2010 4 year(s)
SMARDO Smart System for Monitoring of Wild Dolphin – Antropogenic Factors Interactions IT/LA 01-10-2005 3 year(s)
SMARTGLOW SI I&DT Copromoção Nr. 069733 - Smart Green Energy for Low Frequency Aperture Arrays P2020 01-04-2021 3 year(s)
SoftSim Soft SIM Card Development SoftSim 01-10-2013 1 year(s)
Space-DCDC Space-DCDC – DC-DC controller for space applications IT/LA 01-10-2008 2 year(s)
SPEED Low Power Ultra-High Speed Analogue-to-Digital Converter for Ultra-Wideband Wireless Communications FCT/PTDC 01-09-2007 4 year(s)
SST 2020 Space Surveillance and Tracking 2020 EU/H2020, Ministério da Defesa 26-05-2020 4 year(s)
StableNextSol COST - Stable Next-generation Photovoltaics: Unraveling degradation mechanisms of Organic and Perovskite Solar Cells by complementary characterization techniques EU/H2020 01-03-2014 4 year(s)
STM Image Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Image Processing Tools IT/LA 01-03-2014 3 year(s)
SUPERHARD IC SUPERHARD IC - Silicon Carbide Used in Potentially disruptive Emerging RadiationHARDened Instrument Components Swedish National Space Board 01-01-2017 4 year(s)
SUPRASOL Supramolecular assemblies for efficient, stable, and sustainable organic solar cells FCT 16-07-2018 4 year(s)
SWITCH Power Electronics Circuits for Complex Power Systems IT/LA 01-01-2003 2 year(s)
SYSTEMIC-RF Automated synthesis methodology for reliable RF integrated circuits EU/H2020 01-09-2021 2 year(s)
TADFOLED New Organometallic Materials with Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence for Applications in High Efficiency OLEDs FCT 01-09-2018 4 year(s)
TailorPhy Smart Sensors and Tailored Environments for Physiotherap FCT 15-04-2016 4 year(s)
TDK4PE Technology & Design Kit for Printed Electronics (TDK4PE) EC/FP7 01-10-2012 2 year(s)
TheBlinQC TheBlinQC – Theory-Blind Quantum Control EU/H2020, FCT 01-02-2018 4 year(s)
TIM Magnetic Induction Tomography - Development of the instrumentation and measuring methods for biomedical applications. FCT/POSC 01-06-2005 4 year(s)
TIMII Magnetic Induction Tomography - High Resolution Imaging Instrumentation FCT/PTDC 01-01-2010 3 year(s)
TRANSFO Real-time monitoring of power transformers in EDP Distribuição substations using new diagnostic techniques EDP 01-03-2013 1 year(s)
TTAMA Towards a technological approach of the match analysis: Using tactical metrics to evaluate football teams IT/LA 01-01-2013 1 year(s)
UEMC-IM Update and Extension of the Measuring Capabilities of the Instrumentation and Measurement Group of the Institute of Telecommunications - Lisbon FCT/REEQ 01-06-2002 5 year(s)
UNIME UNIME-Unimolecular Electronics FCT/PTDC 01-07-2007 4 year(s)
uPATO Ultimate Performance Analysis Tool IT/LA 01-07-2016 3 year(s)
VIDAS VIsible light communications for advanced Driver Assistance Systems FCT/PTDC 01-09-2007 3 year(s)
VisIoN Visible light based Interoperability and Networking EU/H2020 01-09-2017 4 year(s)
VLCLighting Visible Light Communications for LED based Public Lighting Systems IT/LA 01-11-2014 3 year(s)
WHALE WHALE - Design, construction and certification of the first portuguese manned submarine Friday, Ciência e Engenharia do Lazer, S.A. 01-04-2014 3 year(s)