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Method and system for road vehicle localization

Aguiar, A. ; Cruz, S.

Instituto de Telecomunicações, Universidade do Porto

Invention Title: Method and system for road vehicle localization

Patent Nr.: PCT/IB2021/051316

Type: Patent

Regional Coverage: PCT

Priority Date: 18-02-2020

Filing Date: 17-02-2021

The present invention relates to a road vehicle localisation method based on magnetic landmarks. Said method is comprised by an offline phase and by an online phase. The offline phase is responsible for creating a reference landmark database comprised by a plurality of magnetic landmarks, wherein each magnetic landmark is associated to a path location data. The online phase is projected to match a current anomaly detected with a reference anomaly of the reference landmark database, in order to estimate the location of a vehicle based on the path location data of the correspondent reference landmark. It is also described a system comprised by a sensor unit, a storage unit and by a processing unit, which is specifically programmed to operate according the road vehicle localisation method developed.