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Time of Flight and Horizontal Displacement measuring device for trampoline

Abreu, D.F.T.A. ; Rocha, R. ; Almeida, C.

Patent Nr.: PT 110345


Regional Coverage:

Grant Status: Pending

Priority Date: 29-11-2017

Filing Date: 29-11-2017

Country: Portugal

The invention is a grid of infrared beams positioned parallel and below the trampoline bed. This grid is created by using several infrared transmitter and receiver pairs.
The grid is used to detect the moment in time when an individual that is jumping on the trampoline leaves and lands on the bed. The time interval between these two events is the Time-Of-Flight.
This 2D grid is also used to detect where an individual jumping on the trampoline lands on the bed. This is accomplished by processing how the beams in the infrared grid are interrupted.
It is important to refer also that the system does not affect in any way the elastic and structural properties of the trampoline (how the trampoline functions).