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Electrical properties of fluorine doped DLC

Trippe, S.C.T. ; Mendes, J. C. ; Pereira, L.P.

Advanced Materials Vol. 514-516, Nº --, pp. 53 - 57, May, 2006.

ISSN (print): 0935-9648
ISSN (online): 1521-4095

Scimago Journal Ranking: 6,15 (in 2006)

Digital Object Identifier: 10.4028/

In this work fluorinated Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) films have been grown with different CF4 concentrations and have been studied by electrical DC measurements in a temperature range from 30 to 300 K. It was found that the samples grown with lower CF4 concentration show a small rectification, with a potential barrier lower than 0.3 V. The bulk conduction shows a trapcontrolled Space Charge Limited Current (SCLC), with characteristic trap energy between 0.08 and 0.13 eV, confirmed by the differential conductivity analysis. The activation energy (ranging from 50 to 140 meV) is also dependent on the sample fluorine concentration, decreasing with the fluorine concentration increase.