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Towards a new method to analyze the Soccer Teams Tactical Behaviour: Measuring the Effective Area of Play

Clemente, F.M.C. ; Couceiro, M. Couceiro ; Martins, F.

Indian Journal of Science and Technology Vol. 5, Nº 12, pp. 3792 - 3801, December, 2012.

ISSN (print): 0974-6846
ISSN (online): 0974-5645

Scimago Journal Ranking: 0,26 (in 2012)

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Recently, new tactical metrics have been developed to increase the match analysis¡¯ potential. Naturally, innovate metrics need some updates in order to improve the utility to the soccer coaches. Thus, this paper aims update the surface area metric, proposing the effective area of play given some efficacy information¡¯s about team players¡¯ positioning. Furthermore, aim analyzes the effective area of play of each team depending of the state of ball possession. Was analyzed a full match of 7-a-side soccer game in the district final. Results showed an inverse correlation between teams¡¯ opposite effective areas of play ( ), suggesting the expansion-contraction relationship. Furthermore was analyzed statistical differences with large effect between the moments with and without ball possession for the team A (F(1; 1506) = 1343.893; p-value ¡Ü 0.001; = 0.472; Power = 1.000) and B (F(1; 1506) = 968.500; p-value ¡Ü 0.001; = 0.391; Power = 1.000).
Keywords: Match analysis; tactics; soccer; effective area of play.