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Easy Rigging of Face by Automatic Registration and Transfer of Skinning Parameters

Dutreve , L. ; Meyer, A. ; Orvalho, V. ; Bouakaz, S.

Computer Journal Vol. 6374, Nº 2010, pp. 333 - 341, September, 2010.

ISSN (print): 1460-2067
ISSN (online): 0010-4620

Journal Impact Factor: 1,000 (in 2008)

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Preparing a facial mesh to be animated requires a laborious manual rigging process. The rig specifies how the input animation data deforms the surface and allows artists to manipulate a character.We present amethod that automatically rigs a facialmesh based on Radial Basis Functions (RBF) and linear blend skinning approach. Our approach transfers the skinning parameters (feature points and their envelopes, ie. pointvertex weights), of a reference facial mesh (source) - already rigged - to the chosen facial mesh (target) by computing an automatic registration between the two meshes. There is no need to manually mark the correspondence between the source and target mesh. As a result, inexperienced artists can automatically rig facial meshes and start right away animating their 3D characters, driven for instance by motion capture data.