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Fonemas Consonânticos em Final de Sílaba. Disposição Fonética dos Grupos /CONSOANTE.+Ø/ e de /CONSOANTE.+.CONSOANTE/ na Variedade do Português Falado na Beira Interior

Candeias, S.

Estudios Portugueses Vol. 6, Nº ---, pp. 57 - 62, November, 2007.

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This paper is a perceptive investigation of consonant allophones as a function of final syllable position in Portuguese spoken in Beira Interior within the framework of the articulator-free features model. Pertinent features are used for detecting the characteristics of sounds. Those findings are in agreement with the functionalist theory on consonantal production. Some statistical results are present. Overall, we try to summarize consonantal features as a valuable tool for alignment and recognition problems.