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Selected vs. Non-Selected under-20 National Futsal Players: Differences between Physical Performance and Training Intensity Experienced in Training Camps

Silva, A.F.S. ; González-Fernández, F.T.G.-F. ; Oliveira, R.O. ; Clemente, F.M.C. ; Bezerra, P. ; Hung, C.-H. H. ; Chiu, Y.-W. C. ; Kuo, C.-D. K. ; Chen, Y.-S.C.

Biology Vol. 11, Nº 3, pp. 434 - 434, March, 2022.

ISSN (print): 2079-7737
ISSN (online):

Scimago Journal Ranking: 1,73 (in 2020)

Digital Object Identifier: 10.3390/biology11030434

The aim of this study was two-fold: (i) analyze the variations in the physical fitness of selected and non-selected under-20 male national futsal players; and (ii) analyze the variations in training intensity monitored during training camps. Thirty-three Taiwan under-20 national futsal players were monitored for training intensity during 18 training camps. They were divided into two groups: selected (n = 14) and non-selected (n = 17) players. The physical assessments included the following measures: body mass, distance covered at Yo-Yo intermittent recovery test Level 1, final velocity at 30-15 Intermittent Fitness Test (30-15 IFT), standing long jump, maximum heart rate (HR), and 1-min sit-up. The training intensity was monitored using the rate of perceived exertion (RPE), HR at different intensity zones, and locomotor demands measured at different speed thresholds. The results revealed that the selected players were significantly faster in the 15-m sprint with ball (p = 0.001) and 30-m sprint (p = 0.001). Additionally, the selected players presented significantly greater HRaverage and time spent above 90% maximum HR during the three-to-six-day training camps (p < 0.05) compared to the non-selected players. Interestingly, the NS demonstrated a greater number of sprints during the training camps (p = 0.001), while the selected players presented greater distance/minute and average speed (p = 0.001). A regression analysis showed that the distance/minute and average speed was a significant predictor of maximum HR in the selected players. As conclusions, the physical fitness outcomes are different between the selected and non-selected national futsal players. The selected players spent more time in high intensity HR demands in training sessions.