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Analyzing TikTok from a Digital Forensics Perspective

Domingues, P. ; Nogueira, RN ; Francisco, JCF ; Frade, M. F.

journal of wireless mobile networks, ubiquitous computing, and dependable applications Vol. 12, Nº 3, pp. 87 - 115, September, 2021.

ISSN (print): 2093-5374
ISSN (online): 2093-5382

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Digital Object Identifier: 10.22667/JOWUA.2021.09.30.087

TikTok is a major hit in the digital mobile world, quickly reaching the top 10 installed applications
for the two main mobile OS, iOS and Android. This paper studies Android’s TikTok application
from a digital forensic perspective, analyzing the digital forensic artifacts that can be retrieved on
a post mortem analysis and their associations with operations performed by the user. The paper
also presents FAMA (Forensic Analysis for Mobile Apps), an extensible framework for the forensic
software Autopsy, and FAMA’s TikTok module that collects, analyzes, and reports on the main digital forensic artifacts of TikTok’s Android application. The most relevant digital artifacts of TikTok
include messages exchanged between TikTok so-called “friends”, parts of the email/phone number
of registered users, data about devices, and transactions with TikTok’s virtual currency. One of the
results of this research is the set of forensic traces left by users’ transactions with TikTok’s in-app
virtual currency. Another result is the detection of patterns that exist in TikTok’s integer IDs, allowing to quickly link any 64-bit TikTok’s integer ID to the type of resources – user, device, video, etc.
– that it represents.