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Study of Indoor Small Cell Deployments

Paulo, R. R. P. ; Velez, F. J. ; Khan, B.

Journal of Mobile Multimedia Vol. 17, Nº 1-3, pp. 329 - 344, February, 2021.

ISSN (print): 1550-4646
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Scimago Journal Ranking: 0,23 (in 2020)

Digital Object Identifier: 10.13052/jmm1550-4646.171317

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This work aims at studying the indoor deployment of small cells, also known as femtocells, to provide coverage to a 5×5 grid geometry. The number of deployed HeNBs is 4, 5, or 6. An updated version of LTE-Sim is considered to extract values for Exponential Effective SINR Mapping (EESM), Packet Loss Ratio (PLR), maximum number of supported users, goodput and delay. Results reveal that the use of four HeNBs corresponds to the highest values of EESM. For the considered geometry, 3GPP suggested a maximum of five HeNBs. However, this deployment shows worser performance compared to the topology with four HeNBs. The geometry with six HeNBs is the one with the best overall performance results for the 5×5 grid of apartments.