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Applying the skew-normal distribution to model coherent MPI and to evaluate its impact on PAM signals

Cancela, L. ; Pires, J. J. O.

Optical Fiber Technology Vol. 56, Nº -, pp. 102180 - 102180, May, 2020.

ISSN (print): 1095-9912
ISSN (online): 1068-5200

Scimago Journal Ranking: 0,57 (in 2020)

Digital Object Identifier: 10.1016/j.yofte.2020.102180

We statistically model the coherent multipath interference (MPI) using an extended skew-normal distribution, with the results showing a good agreement with published experimental data. This distribution is very flexible and permits to model data with large skewness values, which is a typical feature in coherent MPI histograms. Furthermore, the developed model was applied to estimate the impact of coherent MPI on PAM-4 systems, with the results showing a 1-dB Q-penalty for an MPI level of −24 dB and a bit error ratio of 10^−3.