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Complex aberration effect in moving dispersive DNG media: a spacetime algebra approach

Matos, S.A. ; Canto, João R. ; Paiva, C. R. ; Barbosa, A.

PIERS Online Vol. 4, Nº 6, pp. 611 - 614, June, 2008.

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ISSN (online): 1931-7360

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Using spacetime algebra, the Doppler shift, aberration and the refractive index covariance, relating the co-moving and laboratory frames, are readily obtained. Lorentz transformations and the cumbersome constitutive relations in the laboratory frame are circumvented altogether. The theory of a moving double-negative medium (DNG) is developed by using a lossless model to account for material dispersion. The normal surfaces and the Doppler effect
are analyzed. We show that a complex index of refraction may arise in the laboratory frame as a result of a complex aberration effect. A physical interpretation for this new type of aberration is also presented.