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Impact of Self-Phase Modulation on In-Band Crosstalk Penalties

Meleiro, R. ; Fonseca, D. ; Castro, J. ; André, P.S ; Monteiro, P.

IEEE Photonics Technology Letters Vol. 20, Nº 8, pp. 644 - 646, April, 2008.

ISSN (print): 1041-1135
ISSN (online): 1041-1135

Scimago Journal Ranking: 1,98 (in 2008)

Digital Object Identifier: 10.1109/LPT.2008.918819

We investigate the performance of a signal impaired by in-band crosstalk, when the shape of the crosstalk signalis distorted. The optical signal-to-noise ratio (OSNR) penalty increases up to 0.5 dB comparing cases with and without distortion due to self-phase modulation in the crosstalk signal. Furthermore, the OSNR penalty significantly depends on the accumulated dispersion of the considered dispersion map of the crosstalk signal. If optimum accumulated dispersion is considered for the crosstalk signal, the crosstalk-induced penalties are higher than expected.