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The Polarized synchrotron with GEM

Bergano , MB

Proceedings of Scince Vol. 29, Nº 1, pp. 1 - 10, April, 2007.

ISSN (print): 111111111
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Digital Object Identifier: 10.22323/1.027.0029

In the context of the new era of Cosmic Microwave Background Polarization (CMBP) experiments, it is important to have reliable templates of the polarized foregrounds contaminating the CMBP. This is specially true for the for the Planck Surveyor Mission (ESA, 2007) and for the near-future B-mode polarization probes. The Galactic Emission Mapping collaboration aims to improve polarized foreground templates by measuring the polarization state and Stokes components at low frequencies (5-10 GHz) of the galactic synchrotron using two antennas covering each the North Hemisphere (Portugal site) and another the South Hemisphere (Brazil site). Together, the joint coverage should produce a reliable template of the synchrotron polarization state in 80% of the sky and provide a new tool for galactic
dynamics studies.