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Optical material composed of a di-urethanesil host hybrid and a europium complex

Fernandes, M. ; Gonçalves, M. ; Bermudez, V. ; Sá Ferreira, R. A. ; Carlos, L. D. ; Charas, A. ; Morgado, J.

J. Alloys Compd. Vol. 451, Nº 1-2, pp. 201 - 205, February, 2008.

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Digital Object Identifier: 10.1016/j.jallcom.2007.04.237

Preliminary results regarding the structure, thermal behaviour and photoluminescence features of a hybrid compound composed of a di-urethane cross-linked poly(oxyethylene)/siloxane (di-urethanesil) host framework and a guest europium complex incorporating 2-thenoyltriflluoracetonate (tta−) and 1,10-phenantroline (phen) ligands are reported.