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A Compact UWB Antenna Design for Breast Cancer Detection

Abd-Alhameed, R.A. Abd-Alhameed ; See, C ; Elfergani, I.

PIERS Online Vol. 6, Nº 2, pp. 129 - 132, March, 2010.

ISSN (print):
ISSN (online): 1931-7360

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Digital Object Identifier: 10.2529/PIERS091029055334

— Near field imaging using microwave in medical applications has gain much attention
recently as various researchers show its high ability and accuracy in illuminating object compares
to well known screening tools. This paper documents the development of new compact ultra
wide bandwidth antenna designed primarily for microwave imaging application such as breast
cancer detection. A parametric study is carried out using two well known softwares packages
to achieve optimum antenna performances. The performance of the Prototype antenna is tested
and analyzed experimentally and exhibit reasonable agreement with the simulations