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Weight Optimization for Adaptive Antenna Arrays Using LMS and SMI Algorithms

Al-Sadoon, M. ; Abd-Alhameed, R.A. Abd-Alhameed ; Elfergani, I. ; Noras, J. ; Rodriguez, J. ; Jones, S.

WSEAS Trans. on Communications Vol. 15, Nº 24, pp. 206 - 214, June, 2016.

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Wireless communication systems often suffer problems from multipath and interfering signals. This
paper compares two types of adaptive beamforming algorithms for optimising and setting the weights of smart
antenna systems, namely the Least Mean Square algorithm (LMS) and Sample Matrix Inversion (SIM). The
direction of the main beam of the antenna system is adjusted to enhance the desired signal, while interfering
signals are mitigated by having nulls pointed in their directions. The mathematical formulations and necessary
conditions for the above algorithms are derived and verified by numerical examples, with overall behaviour
obtained by MATLAB simulation. Performance evaluations are made for different cases of arrival angles, and
in conclusion, the advantages and disadvantages of each algorithm are presented.