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The Role of Higher Education Institutions in the Promotion of Innovation in the Triple Helix Approach

Rosa, Cecília

Journal of Business Management and Applied Economics Vol. III, Nº 5, pp. 1 - 18, September, 2014.

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This paper examines the contribution of a higher education institution (HEI), the Polytechnic of Guarda (PG), for the territorial dynamics of innovation within the triple helix model (THM) (Dzisah & Etzkowitz, 2009). To analyse PG’s role in the triple helix approach and to promote regional innovation, an inquiry was submitted to three helixes: companies, governance system and Polytechnic of Guarda. The main goal is to explore whether interaction and cooperation between helices fosters innovation and development in the region, assessing the existence of new patterns of collaboration between the helices.