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Enhanced UMTS Services and Applications Characterisation

Ferreira, J. ; Velez, F. J.

Telektronikk – Strategies in Telecommunications Vol. 101, Nº 1, pp. 113 - 131, March, 2005.

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Different points of view are compared for the classification of Enhanced UMTS (E-UMTS) applications, namely ITU-T I.211, UMTS Forum and 3GPP ones. A set of characterisation parameters (e.g. data rate, tolerance to delay and error, and session duration) is described, and a first assignment of parameter values for these services is proposed. An overview of E-UMTS deployment scenarios and supported services is then presented, based on the views of nowadays-relevant players. The influence of mobility in E-UMTS is discussed, and mobility models and scenarios are given. Deployment and mobility scenarios include expected population density, mobility characteristics, and usage of service mix, for each environment. A number of nearly thirty applications are considered. However, a reduced set of applications is needed for simulations purposes, and scenarios were defined with a selection of the most relevant applications. Finally, E-UMTS traffic generation and activity models, based on population and service penetration values, are described and characterised. ON/OFF states have been characterised by appropriate statistical distributions and parameters