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Off-the Person Electrocardiography: Performance Assessment and Clinical Correlation

Silva, H. ; Carreiras, C. C. ; Lourenço, A. ; Fred, A. L. N. ; César das Neves, R. ; Ferreira, R.

Health and Technology Vol. 4, Nº 4, pp. 309 - 318, February, 2015.

ISSN (print): 2190-7188
ISSN (online): 2190-7196

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Previous work by our group introduced a novel concept and sensor design for “off-the-person” ECG, for which evidence on how it compares against standard clinical-grade equipment has been largely missing. Our objectives with this work are to characterise the off-the-person approach in light of the current ECG systems landscape, and assess how the signals acquired using this simplified setup compare with clinical-grade recordings. Empirical tests have been performed with real-world data collected from a population of 38 control subjects, to analyze the correlation between both approaches. Results show off-the-person data to be cor- related with clinical-grade data, demonstrating the via- bility of this approach to potentially extend preventive medicine practices by enabling the integration of ECG monitoring into multiple dimensions of people’s everyday lives.