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The Virtual Drive

Ferreira, M. ; Gomes, P. ; Kruger-Silveria, M. K-S. ; Vieira, F. V.

Vol. 12, Nº ., pp. 40 - 44, June, 2014.

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Augmented Reality (AR) technology, which aims to ‘augment’ reality via the use of technology, can modify one’s perception of the world around them. For instance, a rotating virtual billboard could be placed on top of the Empire State Building in New York City, showing specific advertisements to different people
using an AR system. This emerging technology has significant economic potential because it embeds virtual objects into physical reality at negligible marginal costs, while maintaining targeted advertising capabilities similar to those of the internet. AR will play an ever-increasing role in other fields too. For example, in cars AR improves human perception though additional sensory aids
while still relying on visual-spatial acuity and the ability to navigate in dynamic
3D environments.