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Experimental investigation of phase-sensitive amplification of data signals in a four-mode fiber-based PSA

Albuquerque, A. ; Puttnam, B. J. ; Mendinueta, J.M. ; Drummond, M. V. ; Shinada, S. ; Nogueira, R.N. ; Wada, N.

Optics Letters Vol. 40, Nº 2, pp. 288 - 291, January, 2015.

ISSN (print): 0146-9592
ISSN (online): 1539-4794

Journal Impact Factor: 3,772 (in 2008)

Digital Object Identifier: 10.1364/OL.40.000288

In this Letter, we investigate the influence of the phase and power of pump and signal waves on the gain of a fourmode
phase-sensitive amplifier (PSA) built with a highly nonlinear fiber (HNLF), using a copier + PSA scheme to
generate phase- and frequency-correlated idler waves. Using such an amplifier, low-noise amplification of a
10 Gsymbol/s quadrature phase-shift keying (QPSK) signal, with net gain of ∼20 dB and less than 1 dB optical
signal-to-noise ratio (OSNR) penalty at a bit error ratio (BER) of 10−3, was achieved. We also verified an additional
net gain of 11.6 dB when switching from phase-insensitive to phase-sensitive operation, which is in good agreement
with theoretical predictions of 12 dB.