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Magnetic Regulator Topologies for Dimmable Electronic Ballasts

Perdigão, M. ; Baptista, B. Baptista ; Álvarez, J. ; Saraiva, E. S.

Magnetic Regulator Topologies for Dimmable Electronic Ballasts, Proc IEEE International Symp. on Industrial Electronics - ISIE , Bari, Italy, Vol. xx, pp. xx - xx, July, 2010.

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The T5 fluorescent lamp is the first linear lamp type to be controlled only by electronic ballasts, due to its high lamp voltage and the requirement of an end-of-life detection circuit. Its efficient behavior and compactness has pushed it into the leading edge of new fluorescent lighting projects. This paper investigates the response of the T5 lamps to magnetically-controlled electronic ballasts, also exploring new magnetic regulator topologies. Experimental results for the Master TL5 HE 14W and 21W from Philips are reported