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Low-Complexity VDLL Receiver for Multi-GNSS Constellations

Nunes, F. ; Sousa, F. ; Marçal, J. M.

Low-Complexity VDLL Receiver for Multi-GNSS Constellations, Proc ESA Workshop on Satellite Navigation User Equipment Technologies (NAVITEC), Noordwijk, Netherlands, Vol. 1, pp. 1 - 8, December, 2010.

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The paper proposes a low-complexity implementation of the Vector Delay Lock Loop (VDLL) suitable for low-cost receivers operating with several GNSS constellations in indoor and urban scenarios. The tracking algorithm is based on the propagation of the estimated space/time trajectory through a grid of cells in two steps: prediction and updating. Side information about the receiver's motion and/or environment can be easily incorporated by assigning different a priori probabilities to the cells in the prediction step. The algorithm can operate reliably with a large range of satellites and has shown a remarkable robustness to the multipath effect, especially when the number of satellites in view is high.