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On hierarchical server-based communication with switched Ethernet

Santos, R. S. ; Pedreiras, P. ; Yekeh, YF ; Nolte, TN ; Almeida, L.

On hierarchical server-based communication with switched Ethernet , Proc IEEE International Conf. on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation - ETFA, Bilbao, Spain, Vol. NA, pp. 1 - 4, September, 2010.

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Ethernet is becoming a common network technology for industrial and factory automation systems and, in recent years, a big effort has been made in enabling real-time communications using Ethernet technology. Many of these systems are complex, extend over relatively large places and/or integrate a significant number of nodes, thus requiring the use of multiple switches (hop). In this paper we look into the usage of Flexible Time-Triggered (FTT) enabled Ethernet switches in this class of systems, more specifically using the recently proposed server-based scheduling mechanism supported by this protocol. The paper proposes and validates a resource reservation protocol, presents a method for computing the end-to-end deadlines and discusses possible strategies for the deadline partitioning