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Adequação a Bolonha – Exemplo de um Curso de Engenharia Electrotécnica

Lopes, F.

Adequação a Bolonha – Exemplo de um Curso de Engenharia Electrotécnica, Proc Council of Researches in Education and Sciences - COPEC International Conf. on Engineering and Technology Education - INTERTECH, Ilhéus, Brazil, Vol. I, pp. 245 - 251, March, 2010.

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This paper describes the Bologna adaptation
process, undergone by the degree course in Electrical
Engineering, at Instituto Superior de Engenharia de
Coimbra, Portugal. The Bologna Process represents a new
teaching and learning paradigm being sought in the
European Higher Education Area. It promotes the transition
from a knowledge transmission system to a system based on
the development of personal skills. This process also
represents a European approach for the global need to find
new social development models, proposing answers to the
employability, mobility, universality and life-long learning
challenges. The paper introduces this process and defines
the objectives for the study program. A profile for the
Graduate is presented, based on the Dublin Descriptors and
on the recommendations from national and international
professional associations. The course organization is
described using the European Credit Transfer System or
ECTS. The paper concludes with a reference to the future
accreditation program to be implemented.
Index Terms: Adequação a Bolonha, Descritores de
Dublin, ECTS, Engenharia Electrotécnica.