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Beacon Receiver? Do It Yourself

Rocha, A.

Beacon Receiver? Do It Yourself, Proc COST-Propagation Tools and Data for Integrated Telecommunication, Navigation and Earth Observation Systems COST IC0802 , Erice, Italy, Vol. 1, pp. 1 - 1, November, 2010.

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In the paper some considerations are given concerning the development of a beacon receiver. The problems of measuring a beacon are detailed from AWGN to phase noise contamination of the beacon signal. Phase noise is characterized and the master oscillator specifications for beacon receiver are introduced as an important hardware part imposing receiver dynamic range.

Then from the antenna down to a final IF a set of hardware solutions and technologies, at a controlled cost and at hand of any experimenter, for beacon down conversion chains will be presented from polarizer, OMT, filters, amplifiers, mixers and local oscillators synthesizers together with the compromises to be achieved. Expected calibration and balancing of receiver chains are anticipated and some approaches suggested.