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Estimation of 3D Shapes Using Active Surface Models

Nascimento, J. ; Marques, J. S.

Estimation of 3D Shapes Using Active Surface Models, Proc Portuguese Conf. on Pattern Recognition - RecPad, Oporto, Portugal, Vol. I, pp. 439 - 441, May, 2000.

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This paper Addresses the estimation of surfaces from a set of 3D points using the unified framework described in [1]. This framework proposes the use of competitive learning for curve estimation, i.e., a set of points is defined on a deformable curve and they all compete to represent the available data. This paper extends the use of the unified framework to surface estimation. It o shown that competitive learning performes better than snakes, improving the model performance in the presence of concavities and allowing to desciminate close surfaces. The proposed model is evaluated in this paper using syntheticdata and medical images (MRI and ultrasound images).