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Oxetane-Functionalised Conjugated Polymers for (Opto)electronics

Morgado, J. ; Farinhas, J. ; Ferreira, Q. ; Charas, A. ; Alcácer, L.

Oxetane-Functionalised Conjugated Polymers for (Opto)electronics, Proc International Conf. on Science and Technology of Syntethic Metals - ICSM, Kyoto, Japan, Vol. nd, pp. 27 - 27, July, 2010.

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Polyfluorenes functionalised with oxetane groups are being explored for organic electronic and optoelectronic devices. The fact they can be processed form solution and turned into an insoluble network upon exposure to UV light, in the presence of a photoacid, allows us to create insoluble patterns and films. Overlayers can then be deposited from solution, without disruption of the cross-linked underlying layer.
In this communication, we will present a brief overview of the properties of several polyfluorene copolymers and of the characteristics of various types of devices where they have been used (Field-Effect Transistors, multi-layer Light-Emitting Diodes and Photovoltaic cells with structured interfaces), aiming to demonstrate the potential of this type of materials.