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A Wireless Sensor MAC Protocol for Bursty Data Traffic

Oliveira, R. ; Pereira, M. ; Macedo, M. M. ; Pinto, P.

A Wireless Sensor MAC Protocol for Bursty Data Traffic, Proc IEEE International Symp. on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Commun - PIMRC , Athens, Greece, Vol. , pp. 1 - 5, September, 2007.

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This paper proposes MH-MAC, a new MAC protocol for wireless sensor networks capable of handling applications that generate infrequent huge peaks of traffic. Existing protocols are not adapted to this kind of applications. Asynchronous protocols are energy efficient for the long inactive periods, but fail to cope with the bandwidth and latency requirements of the traffic peaks when more than two nodes are sending data to a common sink. Synchronous protocols that support contention free slots provide good throughput for handling the load peaks, but consume unnecessary energy maintaining clocks synchronized for very long idle periods. MH-MAC is a multimode hybrid protocol that can be configured by the application to run in asynchronous mode or in synchronous mode, with or without contention, providing the best possible trade-off. MH-MAC is a single-hop MAC, which supports multi-hop applications through a cross-layering API. The paper includes simulation results with the energy consumption, latency and throughput for the operation modes of MH-MAC, showing the asynchronous-synchronous trade-offs and the state transition overhead.