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Multimedia Sharing over the Internet from a Mobile Phone

Trindade, R.T. ; Correia, P.L. ; Santos, M. S.

Multimedia Sharing over the Internet from a Mobile Phone, Proc International Workshop on Future Multimedia Networking (FMN), Krakov, Poland, Vol. LNCS 6157, pp. 13 - 23, June, 2010.

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Nowadays mobile applications are among the most popular services in the telecommunications world. The increased capabilities of mobile phones and the new mobile networks providing high data rates have created the possibility to exploit the development of connected and fully featured mobile
applications. In this context, there are great opportunities for applications that go beyond voice or text transmissions, such as multimedia sharing. This paper proposes a set of solutions to share multimedia content from a mobile phone, exploring the capabilities and the constraints of the existent technology. This
system supports several multimedia modalities that can be selected and switched according to a set of application scenarios and usage conditions. The proposed solutions include a multimedia uploading application for BlackBerry OS phones and a photo streaming application for Windows Mobile OS phones.