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Who said that? privacy at link layer

Armnecht, F. Armnecht ; Girão, J. ; Matos, A. ; Aguiar, R.

Who said that? privacy at link layer, Proc IEEE Conf. on Computer Communications - INFOCOM , Anchorage, Alaska, United States, Vol. 0, pp. 0 - 0, May, 2007.

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Wireless LAN and other radio broadcast technologies are now in full swing. However, the widespread usage of these technologies comes at the price of location privacy, be it by observing the communication patterns or the interface identifiers. Although a number of network level solutions have been proposed , this paper describes a novel approach to location privacy at the link layer level. We present a generic mechanism and then map it to a real protocol, IEEE 802.11. The work also provides an analysis of the protocol in terms of privacy and performance considerations.