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A Novel SAR Ambiguity Function for Civil Traffic Monitoring

Marques, P. M.

A Novel SAR Ambiguity Function for Civil Traffic Monitoring, Proc European Conf. on Synthetic Aperture Radar, Aachen, Germany, Vol. tbd, pp. tbd - tbd, June, 2010.

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This paper presents a novel moving target indicator which is selective with respect to a direction of interest. This selectivity may be useful for traffic monitoring in civil environments where the target area contains, simultaneously, traffic moving in several different directions, besides that of interest. Simulation results show that the developed MTI, besides being selective, obtains more accurate results than those ob-tained by the classical methods. Monte Carlo results confirm this accuracy improvement which is mainly due to the filtering performed by the term related with the antenna pattern. Results using real data from the MSTAR database are also presented. Provided that the SCR is larger than 10 dB the proposed scheme is able to accurately detect and estimate the velocity of the targets traveling in a predefined direction, filtering out the contribution from the remaining targets. Furthermore, it has low computational requirements and only requires data from single channel SAR.