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Reconfigurable E-Shaped Patch Antennas

Guterman, J. ; Moreira, A. A. ; Peixeiro, C. ; Rahmat-Samii, Y.

Reconfigurable E-Shaped Patch Antennas, Proc International Workshop on Antenna Technology - IWAT, Santa Monica, United States, Vol. --, pp. -- - --, March, 2009.

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This paper discusses the potential of E-shaped patches to be used in reconfigurable antennas. It is shown that the application of a PIFA configuration to dual-band E-shaped patches gives the freedom of independently tuning two resonances in a very wide frequency range, without affecting the antenna general structure and external dimensions. An application of these features to reconfigurable quasi-omnidirectional back-to-back E-shaped patch for laptops is demonstrated. To prove the concept a very simple model of RF MEMS switches is used in a dual-band laptop reconfigurable antenna prototype. In spite of frequency bands toggling (between IEEE 802.11b/g /2.44 GHz/ or WiMAX /3.45 GHz/ and IEEE 802.11a /5.25 GHz or 5.775 GHz/) the radiation pattern is always almost omnidirectional.