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Compact Printed Tapered Slot Antenna for UWB

Costa, J.R. ; Medeiros, C. R. ; Fernandes, C. A.

Compact Printed Tapered Slot Antenna for UWB, Proc European Conf. on Antennas & Propagation - EUCAP, Berlin, Germany, Vol. , pp. - , March, 2009.

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This paper presents a compact and low-profile printed antenna that exhibits adequate performance for UWB communications. The antenna is based on a combination of two crossed exponentially tapered slots plus a star-shaped slot to produce a completely symmetric balanced structure. The radiation pattern presents smooth frequency dependence and very stable polarization over the 3.1-10.6 GHz FCC assigned band. Results are confirmed with measurements. Figures of merit like output pulse fidelity and time window containing 90% of the transmitted energy are analyzed and showed to comply with UWB application requirements.