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Multi-User Frequency Pre-Filtering Technique for MIMO SFBC MC-CDMA Systems

Silva, A. ; Silva, E. S. ; Gameiro, A.

Multi-User Frequency Pre-Filtering Technique for MIMO SFBC MC-CDMA Systems, Proc IARIA International Conf. on Networking and Services - ICNS, Sliema, Malta, Vol. 1, pp. 1 - 1, October, 2008.

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This paper deals with downlink space-frequency block coding (SFBC) with a multi-user pre-filtering technique for MIMO MC-CDMA systems. We consider the use of an antenna array at both the base station (BS) and the user terminal (UT). The space-frequency block codes allow that the spatial diversity be efficiently exploited and the linear multi-user frequency pre-filtering technique modulates the transmitted signal to eliminate the effects of multiple access interference (MAI) and channel distortions at the user terminals. The aim of this technique is to transfer the most computational complexity from UT to the BS, keeping the first one at very low complexity. The performance of the proposed scheme is evaluated, considering typical pedestrian scenario and both uncoded data and channel turbo coding based on UMTS specifications.